{"_id":"5760fbd59a77d5096de98c37","name":"Woven Heart Studs","categories":["earrings-jhumkas-studs-fashion-earrings","jewellery","accessories","fashion-earrings"],"images":[{"image":"ms.products/5760fbd59a77d5096de98c37/images/5784f85478774a870d5a9c2b/5784f726ca8ada5f484423f3/5784f726ca8ada5f484423f3.jpg","caption":"","tags":"","_id":"5784f85478774a870d5a9c2b","_metadata":{"image":{"_id":"5784f726ca8ada5f484423f3","name":"5760fadd4256dc6851748363.jpg","tmp_path":"/tmp/tmp-18527xdWBIkQw3alG.jpg","type":"image/jpeg"}}}],"description":"These unique looking alloy studs are in a beautiful woven pattern, making a pretty heart shape. An modern and attractive design, guaranteed to make you stand out. Stud height: 1.9 cms Width: 1.6 cms","SEO":{"title":"Woven Heart Studs","description":"Woven Heart Studs: These unique looking alloy studs are in a beautiful woven pattern, making a pretty heart shape. 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Woven Heart Studs
These unique looking alloy studs are in a beautiful woven pattern, making a pretty heart shape. An modern and attractive design, guaranteed to make you stand out. Stud height: 1.9 cms Width: 1.6 cms

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