• Tumbled turquoise wrapped in copper pendant by designer Nayna Shriyan
  • The cord is adjustable- simply pull on the wooden beads to shorten or pull on the sides of the cord to lengthen
  • Material: Tumbled turquoise and copper
  • Length of cord: 31.5 cms
  • Length of pendant: 4.5 cms
  • Width of pendant: 4 cms
  • NOTE: As this is a partner brand product, discount coupons will not be applicable on it

About the brand: 

Nayna is a Sir J J School of art graduate and her specialty is metalwork. She started making jewellery in 2010 as a way to create art that would have a wider appeal. She creates handcrafted designer jewellery in copper, brass and semi precious stones and believes that her designs are complete only when they are worn. A lot of her designs are one of a kind as they are built around particular stones or enameled panels. 

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