• This absolutely gorgeous looking stole has colorful kantha embroidery and cutwork (applique work) at both ends.
  • The tasteful pattern and attractive colors make it a one of a kind creation, that will make you stand out in a crowd.
  • An elegant accessory by the artisans of Rajasthan
  • Great for both festive and corporate wear.
  • Size: Length: 2.3 mtr, Width: 22 in.
  • Care: Dry Clean only.

About the craft:
Kantha is a type of embroidery popular in eastern South Asia, especially Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. The use of kantha is popular in "Kantha saris" traditionally worn by women in Bengal.In the best examples, the entire cloth is covered with running stitches, employing beautiful motifs of flowers, animals birds and geometrical shapes, as well as themes from everyday activities.

Cutwork is applique work in which the pattern is cut out and sewn on the same cloth. The work is done on an extensive scale in Rajasthan, where artisans use the technique to create beautiful home linen, apparel and accessories.

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