• Doodle diary with Gond Painting deer motifs by EKiBEKi 
  • 3 gond painting inserts with information about the craft
  • Blank pages for sketching
  • Recycled handmade paper for cover, cartridge paper for sketching
  • Size:8.25 inx 5.75 in
  • NOTE: As this is a partner brand product, GiftPiper discount coupons will not apply on it

About the Craft:

Gond painting comes from a namesake tribe of Madhya Pradesh; Gond painting derives its name from the Dravidian expression Kond, which means “the green mountain”.
The Gond tribes believe that everything in nature is inhabited by sacred spirits. Hence, they painted natural elements such as trees, animals, rivers and mountains as a sign of reverence and respect. In addition to nature, Gond paintings are inspired by Indian mythology, the daily tribal domestic scenes, abstract emotions and dreams.
Gond paintings are known for their precision of outlines that are filled with dot and dashes, which make them look fluid and alive. Striking colors such as red, blue, white and yellow are used to impart vividness to the paintings.

About the brand: 

Ekibeki is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving, sustaining and growing the dying crafts of India.They identify Indian crafts that are on the verge of extinction and revive them through design interventions, skill and capacity building, product development, market development and creating self-governing mechanisms; all of which eventually help the artisans to sustain and grow their community clusters in their natural habitat. This cycle must be repeated for every craft, one at a time and needs empathy, patience and persistence.

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