• This beautiful dhokra art candle stand has been handmade by tribes in Central india

  • Height: 6.5 in;Length: 2.2 in; Width: 1 in
  • Great for gifting, a well as adorning your home

  • Note: This is a handmade art piece and small aberrations will be there in shape and pattern. Please accept these imperfections as part of its beauty 

About the Craft:

The dhokra art with lost wax technique or hollow casting is traditionaly practised by the gadwa, gond and dhurwa tribes of chattisgarh in Central India. The technique involves patterning a clay core intricately with wax wires and then coating it carefully with a mix of clay and hay. The wax covered clay core is put in the cauldron of molten metal with an opening/hole in the clay mixture, where the wax is subsequently melted off, and the space thus created is filled with metal- an alloy of copper, brass and tin which enters through the hole. The outer layer of clay is then chipped off and the metal icon is polished and finished as desired.

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