{"_id":"58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2ced","name":"Cotton Cutwork Kurta-Pink&Rust","description":"<ul> <li><span style=\"font-size:18px;\">This very graceful hand embroidered cotton kurta piece has elaborate cutwork (applique work) on the front and sleeves.</span></li> <li><span style=\"font-size:18px;\">Back of the kurta is plain.</span></li> <li><span style=\"font-size:18px;\">Size: Width: 43&nbsp;in; Length: 2.4 mtr.</span></li> <li><span style=\"font-size:18px;\">An intricate creation from the artisans of Rajasthan.</span></li> <li><span style=\"font-size:18px;\">An elegant dress for outings as well as corporate wear.&nbsp;</span></li> </ul> <span style=\"font-size:18px;\">About the craft: Cutwork is applique work in which the pattern is cut out and sewn on the same cloth. The work is done on an extensive scale in Rajasthan, where artisans use the technique to create beautiful home linen, apparel and accessories.</span>","price":1599,"compare_price":2400,"sku":"GP5534","categories":["unstitched","kurtiskurtas","cutwork","salwar-suits-dress-material-phulkari-kalamkari-ikat-suits"],"publish":"1","weight":150,"sort_order":0,"inventory_management":"automatic","inventory_management_level":"product","inventory_allow_out_of_stock":"0","inventory_quantity":0,"shipping_cost":"0","seller":"571700d7a1d9cea37eb29320","SEO":{"title":"Cotton Cutwork Kurta-Pink&Rust","description":"This very graceful hand embroidered cotton kurta piece has elaborate cutwork (applique work) on the front and sleeves.\\nBack of the kurta is plain.\\nSize: Width: 43 in; Length: 2.4 mtr.\\nAn intricate creation from the artisans of Rajasthan.\\nAn elegant dress for outings as well as corporate wear. \\nAbout the craft: Cutwork is applique work in which the pattern is cut out and sewn on the same cloth. The work is done on an extensive scale in Rajasthan, where artisans use the technique to create beautiful home linen, apparel and accessories.","keywords":"cutwork kurtas, applique kurtas, cotton kurtas, handwork kurtas, embroidered kurtas"},"images":[{"image":"ms.products/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2ced/images/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cee/58afed94bb6b9bb175d23c86/58afed94bb6b9bb175d23c86.jpg","caption":"Cotton Cutwork Kurta-Pink&Rust","tags":"cutwork kurtas, applique kurtas, cotton kurtas, handwork kurtas, embroidered kurtas","_id":"58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cee","_metadata":{"image":{"_id":"58afed94bb6b9bb175d23c86","name":"GP5534.jpg","tmp_path":"/tmp/tmp-301291BciEILj5Qj6.jpg","type":"image/jpeg"}}},{"image":"ms.products/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2ced/images/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cef/58afed9494e0ec032d1f2355/58afed9494e0ec032d1f2355.jpg","caption":"Cotton Cutwork Kurta-Pink&Rust","tags":"cutwork kurtas, applique kurtas, cotton kurtas, handwork kurtas, embroidered kurtas","_id":"58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cef","_metadata":{"image":{"_id":"58afed9494e0ec032d1f2355","name":"GP5534-1.jpg","tmp_path":"/tmp/tmp-11523ocQRE0ZnNQla.jpg","type":"image/jpeg"}}},{"image":"ms.products/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2ced/images/58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cf0/58afed9594e0ec032d1f2369/58afed9594e0ec032d1f2369.jpg","caption":"Cotton Cutwork Kurta-Pink&Rust","tags":"cutwork kurtas, applique kurtas, cotton kurtas, handwork kurtas, embroidered kurtas","_id":"58afed8b34b5e0bf6e8b2cf0","_metadata":{"image":{"_id":"58afed9594e0ec032d1f2369","name":"GP5534-2.jpg","tmp_path":"/tmp/tmp-11523XQFelwvDcV7G.jpg","type":"image/jpeg"}}}],"available":false,"attributes":[],"uniquesku":["GP5534"],"approve":"approved","alias":"cotton-cutwork-kurta-pinkrust","created_on":"2017-02-24T08:38:21.226Z","updated_on":"2017-04-22T12:56:08.340Z","list_price":2400,"our_price":1599,"original_price":1599,"discounts_total":801,"discounts_percentage":"33.38","discount_total":801,"selected_options":{},"selected_variant":{},"category":{"_id":"58355360e59c02e844dc9361","parent":{"_id":"571a33aa668ea6266ca2c2b2","images":[],"fields":[],"SEO":{"title":"Phulkari suits, Handloom Salwar Suits, Cotton Salwar Suits, Dress Materials Online","description":"Salwar Suits , Dress Material Online-Buy Phulkari Suits, Kalamkari Salwar Suits, Cotton Salwar Suits, Silk Salwar Suits, Handloom Salwar Suits, Embroidered Dress Material, Shadow Work Embroidery Dress Material and 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  • This very graceful hand embroidered cotton kurta piece has elaborate cutwork (applique work) on the front and sleeves.
  • Back of the kurta is plain.
  • Size: Width: 43 in; Length: 2.4 mtr.
  • An intricate creation from the artisans of Rajasthan.
  • An elegant dress for outings as well as corporate wear. 
About the craft: Cutwork is applique work in which the pattern is cut out and sewn on the same cloth. The work is done on an extensive scale in Rajasthan, where artisans use the technique to create beautiful home linen, apparel and accessories.

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