• Copper enameled blue folded pendant on handcrafted cotton thread, by EKiBEKi
  • This particular folded square copper enamelling pendent is handcrafted by a team of artisans from the western ghats of Maharashtra, India
  • Pendant size: 1.5 inx1.5 in; Thread length: 13 in
  • NOTE: As this is a partner brand product, GiftPiper discount coupons will not apply on it

About the Craft:

Copper enameling is an exquisite traditional craft where the surface of the copper artifact is embellished with beautiful patterns in vibrant coloured glass and intricate gleaming copper wires. In today’s world where there are material imitations galore, it is quite something else to feel, to hold and to experience true copper handicrafts. Our collection of copper enamel designs are a visual and tactile treat with their vibrant hues and rich textures.

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