• This beautiful coaster set is inspired by a traditional story from the region depicting the King and Queen and the exquisite borders they use for all their paintings.

  • Coaster: 4”x4” – 2 king and 2 queen coasters in a wooden box

  • Material: Pine wood, paper and clear acrylic

  • NOTE: As this is a partner brand product, discount coupons will not apply on this

About the Craft:

Chitrakathi is an ancient folk tradition and a unique style of painting, dating back to the 17th century. It is practiced in Pinguli, a small village in the district of Sindhudurg, in the Indian State of Maharashtra.

“Chitra” means picture and “katha” means story. Together, the term “Chitrakathi” was originally used to describe storytellers who narrated stories using visual aids accompanied by mu

About the brand:

Ekibeki is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving, sustaining and growing the dying crafts of India.

They identify Indian crafts that are on the verge of extinction and revive them through design interventions, skill and capacity building, product development, market development and creating self-governing mechanisms; all of which eventually help the artisans to sustain and grow their community clusters in their natural habitat. This cycle must be repeated for every craft, one at a time and needs empathy, patience and persistence.

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