• This beautiful kurta dupatta set has a batik cotton kurta and cotton silk dupatta.
  • Vibrant, elegant, and super comfortable to wear. 
  • Kurta Length- 2.5 m; Width- 46 inches
  • Dupatta Length- 2.22 m; Width: 47 inches
  • No salwar
  • CARE: Dry clean first time to set colors, or soak in cold salted water. Later handwash with mild detergent like Ezee, with same colored clothes
About the craft:

Batik is a method of dyeing cloth and making it resistant using wax. Such fabrics originally come from Indonesia. They can also be found in India, Malaysia, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and Singapore. The word batik is from Java and it means to "dot". To make a batik, an artist uses the cloth as the paper, and they just start drawing hot wax over the cloth. Each culture has different traditional styles of batik. 

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