The Team

Richa Pandey

Richa is the founder of GiftPiper. She is a B.E. from MANIT, Bhopal and an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. She has worked as an ERP consultant for Infosys and a Brand strategy consultant with boutique consulting firms before starting GiftPiper. She loves to shop for the GiftPiper collection. She is a trained singer, hindi movie buff and enjoys reading comics and historical & fantasy fiction. You can read more about her in the About Us section :)

Upashana Tamang 

Upashana leads our small team of operations assistants. She hails from a small village near Darjeeling. After dropping out of school and working as a nanny, she found GiftPiper, or rather, GiftPiper was lucky enough to find her. She has been with us for a long time and not only oversees the operations, but also functions as our in house, amateur product photographer. Upashana is a great prankster and loves pulling everyone's leg. She also makes brilliant ginger tea :)

Renu Thapa

Renu is also a school dropout from a village. When she joined us, she could barely read or write. Now she leads our order processing team, and also models for our products. She loves getting herself clicked in new poses and changes her DP everyday :)

Rashana Tamang 

Rashana is Upashana's sister, who came from the village to join our operations. She not only helps out in the order dispatch process but also models for our products. She is the quietest person on the team, but also the naughtiest :)


Kirti is a Bhopali, with a Masters in Engineering. She manages all our data entry and marketplace operations. Kirti loves to keep fasts and on most days, is found "not eating" :)