Custom Stitching & Block-Print

Stitching Orders:

We undertake custom stitching for any dress material/running material orders you place on our site.

To put in an order for stitching, please follow this process:

  • Place the order for the material.
  • You will get a mail with the order details. Reply to the mail and mention that you want stitching service.
  • We will send you a form to fill with your measurement details, discuss design with you and execute.
  • Stitching time will be 10-15 days from order placement.

Stitching rates for blouse start from 400 rs for a simple blouse without lining.


Rates for western dresses/kurtas start from 500 rs for kurta/kaftan/A-line dress without lining.

 Rates for salwar suits start from:

  • Simple full suit without lining: 600 rs
  • Simple full suit with lining:700 rs.

Custom Block Print Orders: 


  • To place a custom block print order, please mail your requirement to us on, or call/whatsapp us on 9902488133. 
  • Block-print Rates will start from 500 rs for a dupatta and 700 rs for a saree.