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Welcome to GiftPiper.com. This venture was born out of my obsession with digging out beautiful, handmade things at bargain prices. Like the fabled pied piper, I leave each new place I visit with a trail of such goodies following me. One day I decided to share this passion with the rest of the world, and GiftPiper was born.

 The GiftPiper team has worked very hard to unearth these gems from different corners of India, and we hope you love them as much as we do. They all have some qualities in common- they are hand made, unique, stylish and great value for money. 

With our personalized service, attention to detail and dedication to customer happiness, we want to create lasting relationships with not only our customers but also with artisans, suppliers and resellers. And that is what we have tried to capture in our vision statement.   

Now do go ahead and pamper yourself with something from the  unique GiftPiper handmade selection. Or buy thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, and we'll send them gift wrapped with your message.  

Happy browsing!  

Richa Pandey   
Proprietor, GiftPiper.com
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