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Let me start by telling you a story: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a very talented mother. Mother was a wonderful designer, seamstress, cook, musician and much much more. She would spend most of her leisure time at her sewing machine, making dresses for her children.

The little girl loved her mother'sefforts,
but would crave for the glossier clothes from shops. She would often refuse to wear frocks that her mother made, saying that they were 'not smart' like the other children's dresses. She wanted to 'fit in', not stand out like a sore thumb, she thought. 

Then she grew up, flew the nest and made her own home. And began to realize what a privileged childhood she had had, and how frivolously she had rejected her mother's
labours of love.  

She also began to understand the other valuable lesson that her mother had tried to
instil in her- that fashion is not about wearing what everyone else is wearing. It is about being your own unique, wonderful, creative self.

One day she went to a craft exhibition. where she saw the same shoddy treatment being meted out to artisans and weavers by buyers, as her mother had received from her. 'This is too crude' they were saying. 'Why are charging so much for it?' They were simply unable to grasp the effort and love that was going into the making of these lovely articles. 

That little girl was me, of course, and that is where the GiftPiper journey began. 

GiftPiper is much more than a crusade to promote handmade. It is about finding myself and going back to my roots.

And it is an effort to reach out to all the kindred souls out there- women for whom fashion is about being authentic. For whom it is not about fitting in, but about expressing their uniqueness.

Our operations are managed by a team of passionate young women. The 3 senior-most members are from a village in West Bengal- girls who broke the shackles of a limited education and restricting environs, to come into their own with GiftPiper. This awesome team manages the entire process from clicking product pics, to publishing them online, to packing orders, to handling customer queries.

Our products are all handpicked, great quality, and made by skilled artisans from various nooks and corners of India. They celebrate India’s tremendous
heritage, and help in supporting a number of weaver and artisan communities.

So do try us out :) Use our handmade running material and custom stitching services to create a designer dress that only
you own. Wear one of our beautiful hand-embroidered stoles for a crucial presentation at the office. Gift a lovely handloom saree to your mom. Pamper yourself with a pretty earring.

And then do share your story about how that product created a magic moment for 
you, and helped you express the unique and wonderful person that you are :)

Happy shopping!

Richa Pandey