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Healing resides in all of us being a power which resides in every living particle. Today, let's embark on a journey where we are able to understand this ability of ours vested by the universe through a healer who believes in this power and experiences it every day while she mends the cracks in so many lives around us.


My name is Aarti Sinha. I am been working with alternative healing modalities for 20 years. I am a Chakra specialist, Tarot reader, Numerologist, Astrologer, Motivational speaker, Life coach and also a professional Sound Master, in which I use sound for not only meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation but also for providing relief to people who are fighting with various diseases or stress in life.


After overcoming rheumatoid arthritis, an irreversible ailment, I understood the value of positivity in life. I understood the importance of breathing. We all breathe, but we do not breathe consciously.

I always feel like the day you think you know everything, your growth stops. You can always fill an empty vessel but you cannot put more water in a vessel which is already filled. We have a lot of things to learn in this world and each and everybody is good at one thing or the other. So my success mantra is absorbing the positivity form everybody, learn whatever is good in others.



People say that women do not support each other. But for me, I was blessed to have a very supportive mother-in-law who always helped me to grow. I am blessed with a daughter who always helped me to grow. Amongst the few women I have met, one really changed the way I looked at life.

She is Ruby Ahluwalia who is a class one accounts officer in Railways and she was a victim of breast cancer and she survived. She started an NGO called Sanjeevani, which is working against cancer. She is my inspiration and she helped me a lot to come forward in this journey. Apart from these women, my husband and son have been hugely supportive.


Being a woman, it is easier for me to understand the pain of women who look towards me with hope. You will be surprised to know that for many women who come to me, the sole reason for their stress is the women in their home. Those women do not seem to understand the kind of grief, stress and pain they are giving to their own family members. I help these women with my sound healing techniques and help reduce their stress levels.

I am starting short-term courses to equip women for nursing, Yoga and Reiki. This is my small bit towards empowering women with skills which can make them self-dependent.  Not only does this help them earn good money, but healing is a work which gives one lot of satisfaction. You get paid more in various other jobs but the amount of respect, love and gratitude you receive in these services is priceless.


Each moment in this journey has been memorable. But there are some that are just a little more special:

There was a lady who came to me with multiple fractures and she was advised to go for surgery. Doctors said that even after the surgery, she would not recover fully and she had given up. She had a foreign trip planned and had put in a lot of money for that. There were just 80 days to go. She was a divorced woman and had planned the vacation with her son. They had been really looking forward to this trip. I assured her that she should come for sound healing sessions and she will get well. She said, “No, I have shown in Bombay also and everybody has told me that I cannot recover.” I told her- “Be on your side. Have faith in God. Have faith that your body has the ability to heal and I am always there to help you.”

You won’t believe that within the first session, the pain was 70% gone and in 7 days, her bandages were not there. She went on the trip and wrote a testimonial and cried and those were tears of joy. She said to me “You said the right words that one should always have faith in God”. So I always believe that you should not give up, that you should have faith and that is the only thing that works in the world for me and for everybody else.


My mother always said, “Be positive. Never give up and never ever think that you can be defeated. If you want to win, you will.” It may be the battle of disability or health or circumstances. Everything changes. Nothing is going to be permanent in this world.  

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