Recycling diaries- from scraps to blouses

Never throw when you can reuse- this basic philosophy has driven all our endeavours at GiftPiper. Not only is this great for the environment, but incredibly cost effective!

So when the team showed me a lot of leftover pieces of fabric from our running material, I called in Neelam, the lady who runs our partner stitching unit of underprivileged women- Ujala. 

Her brief- to make sure each scrap of fabric was used- be it as yoke, piping, sleeve, or whatever else she could think of.

A week later, the results have started coming in and we are super thrilled!

Out of some half meter scraps of fabric, in plain cotton and kalamkari, our talented unit has created the beautiful kalamkari sleeve blouse shown below.

And out of a slightly larger length of ikat cotton, the ikat blouse below was created:

Isn't this amazing? We are super thrilled!

What more can we make from our leftover fabrics? Have you ever done something similar? To share your experiences and ideas, do mail us on


Richa Pandey (Founder, GiftPiper)

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Yes. This is really great idea. To use everything at our disposal and use every bits in constructive manner is really necessary.

By: Neelima
Apr 16, 2019   Reply

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