Recycling diaries- dupattas to designer dresses!

So many old Indian ways are becoming trendy across the world today. Look at yoga, meditation, ayurveda, turmeric...

Add another item to the list- recycling. I remember how in my childhood, biscuit tins were reused for storing home made snacks, newspaper was, and still is stored to use for lining shelves and packing, old plastic bottles were stored for reuse in travel, old polybags and shopping bags are reused in households all over.

My mother never threw away old clothes and sarees. She would cut and retstitch them them into whatever use they could be put to- pillow covers, quilt covers, frocks, kurtas, even doll's clothes. And if no other use was found, then into a rug or winter jacket for our dogs.

Today, the world has woken up to the wisdom of this habit, and recycling is the new hot trend. It is all about saving the planet, and hey, it isn't all bad for your wallet either!

I had the same thing on my mind a few months ago, when I was attempting for the nth time to downsize my overflowing wardrobe. I found more than a dozen dupattas lying unused, in almost new condition.

What was i to do with them? One option of course, was to give them away. Which is another very good form of recycling. If you are not using it, give it to someone who needs it more than you!

But i had already given away a whole lot of clothes earlier, and these looked brand new!

So i packed them all and took them to my tailor, a very sweet lady. I told her that over the next few weeks, she and i would brainstorm over each and every dupatta and make it into something interesting for me or my daughter. She was super excited by the idea- 'Madam, I also have so many old dupattas! Now i know what to do with them!'

To start with, we picked a georgette dupatta from a salwar suit that had been gifted to me. I had never worn the dupatta as it was not to my taste. One of my daughter's frocks was of similar material, and i loved it. So i asked her to replicate it with this dupatta.

The outcome is shown here. A lovely, flowy creation, all flowery and pretty and feminine. Just what a little girl would love to wear to a birthday party.

What's more, probably no other kid in the world has the same frock, so that makes it a designer creation! My daughter and i were ecstatic, and so was my tailor. 

We are onto the other dupattas now, and I will post stories about them too, as the old and droll gets transformed into the new and magical!

So ladies, take out those old unused clothes, dupattas, and other stuff in your wardrobe. Give away what you don't want at all, and transform the rest into designer creations! 

And if you think you need a brainstorming partner, call me ;) 

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