Bhopal diaries- the artist's home

It is said that self expression starts at home. And when the home has not one, but two artists, then what results is truly food for the soul. Rachana, a finance professional, is my high school friend. We used to live in the same officer's colony in Bhopal, and have been friends since 8th grade. I still have vivid memories of those evenings, decades ago, when I used to visit her home and would invariably walk in on her father, an IAS officer, working on something creative. At times it was a blanket he was embroidering with vivid colored wool, at times a mural he'd be laboring over. I was, and still am, enthralled by his passion and the beautiful things he would create and decorate their home with. He passed on the same passion to Rachana and for as long as i can remember, their home has always been chalk full of all the beautifiul things father and daughter have created together. 

This time when I went to visit them at her dad's retirement home, I was stunned by the beauty of the place. The home is a veritable museum, a monument to the combine creativity of father and daughter, and such is the range of artifacts it houses, that it would probably beat most emporiums hollow!

The cover picture shows the view from the entrance gate. One gets a glimpse into the wonderland one is entering, with all the beautiful artifacts on display against the vibrant yellow backdrop.

 This pic is of the gallery to the right, as one enters the premises. The large mural on the wall.

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