In Vogue with Recycling!

  • Feb 20 2017
  • GiftPiper

So many old Indian ways are becoming trendy across the world today. Look at yoga, meditation, ayurveda, turmeric...

Add another item to the list- recycling. I remember how in my childhood, biscuit tins were reused for storing home made snacks, newspaper was, and still is stored to use for lining shelves and packing, old plastic bottles were stored for reuse in travel, old polybags and shopping bags are reused in households all over.

My mother never threw away old clothes and sarees. She would cut and retstitch them them into whatever use they could be put to- pillow covers, quilt covers, frocks, kurtas, even doll's clothes. And if no other use was found, then into a rug or win...

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Hand Block Printing- The Story of a Saree's Makeover

  • Aug 16 2016
  • GiftPiper

(Do you have old sarees and dupattas lying neglected in the closet for a long time? Renovate them with the beautiful craft of hand block printing. Here's the story of a saree's makeover, through its own eyes)

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Fushion Fun and the Lives we Touch

  • Mar 08 2016
  • GiftPiper

When i first put up this post, it was about our office manager Upasana and her assistant Renu having fun with our products, combining them with western dresses and clicking each other.

The outcome was fab and I wrote a post about how ethnic and traditional products can be given a modern twist and made relevant to the young generation.

But later on, when i shared Renu's pic on FB, i realised that there was so much more to share over here! 
And i came back to rewrite this post. 

When you start on an endeavour like this, you come across and touch many different ...

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